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two twin towers roughly shaped like tightly-coiled serpents that are covered with sharp, ugly fin-like features and spines, crowned at the top with skull-shaped minarets. The two towers are linked by a bridge near the top  +
An institution of higher learning.  +
Acham el Jhotos appeared as an older, grey-haired man with olive skin and a short-trimmed grey beard that ended in a sharp point  +
An Acolyte is a newly trained divine spellcaster, sufficient for tending to the sick or advising on religious matters. An Acolyte is typically a 1st-level adept, cleric, druid, or oracle, with light armor (or no armor if an adept) and a weapon appropriate to her faith.  +
Adrianna was an exotic and beautiful female moon elf  +
a short, dour human with thinning brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, a pencil-thin moustache, and a dark complexion  +
white hair and large green or amber eyes, dark brows, lithe build and grace, good looks, and a taste for dark clothing  +
large man, barrel-bodied, with a thick beard.  +
many forms and colors  +
An Agate, Aventurine Quartz and Carnelian Necklace, pairs of aventurine quartz beads spaced by an agate bead, to a further strand comprising of four trios of two aventurine quartz beads and a single agate bead spaced by five agate, aventurine quartz and carnelian drops, on a green rope necklace.  +
black tektite  +
thick, reddish liquid  +
thickly muscled and quite hairy, with warty arms  +
It consisted of small details, like toasting for the Lords of Waterdeep, leaving violets at the base of Ahghairons Tower, the Plinth, or atop the altars of the House of Wonder and bards performing songs in honor of the Old Mage. The Open Lord visited taverns and inns across the city, to wish the people well.  +
Akabar is a tall man with dusky skin and brown hair. He wears a mustache and a beard, the beard being cut straight across the bottom. He has blue eyes, three dots tattooed on his forehead (marking him as a scholar of religion, reading, and magic), and a sapphire earring denoting that he is married.  +
tall, bearded  +
white and has a fine-grained texture  +
In her youth, Alaia was considered attractive in an aloof way.  +
tall, gaunt, hatchet-nosed man with a nasal voice  +
Alasklerbanbastos appeared as a huge skeletal wyrm, larger even than Tchazzar. Lightning moved between his bones.  +