Impending Doom

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Festival of the Church of Hoar; Annually on Marpenoth 11

The Holy Symbol of Hoar

Impending Doom (Marpenoth 11): Hoar the Doombringer. Daylong ceremonies of rumbling drums, vigorous oaths, and exhausting acts of purification, celebrating justices yet to be meted out, revenges yet to be carried through with, and good deeds that call the celebrants to be remembered..

In Waterdeep

Small ceremony at the Plinth.

Celebrated in::Amphitheater of the First Thunder,Hidden Hand of Fate,Thunderous Hand of Vengeance,

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Characters in Impending Doom

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Organizations in Impending Doom

 SymbolOrganization TypeMembershipActive inWorshipsAlly ofEnemy ofEconomic TiesHistory
Church of HoarHoar symbol.jpgReligiousFighter
Church of Hoar
High Fatemaster
Amphitheater of the First Thunder
Hidden Hand of Fate
Thunderous Hand of Vengeance
HoarChurch of ShevarashChurch of Tyr
Church of Anhur

Creatures in Impending Doom

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Deities in Impending Doom

No Deities associated with Impending Doom found.

Locations of Impending Doom

 MapPortraitLocated inNearLocation ofInhabitantsHabitat forOrganizationsHistory
PlinthCourt of the White Bull.jpgPlinth.jpgWaterdeep
Court of the White Bull Neighborhood
Trades Ward
Lathins Cut
Jelabril Street
Burdag Lane
985 DR
1090 DR

Items of Impending Doom

 PortraitItem TypeFavored byHistory


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